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Gender Summit

WiSTEM Annual Gender Summit brings together the world's most prolific gender experts, behavior scientists, and gender activists to discuss, deliberate and create action around gender issues.

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Network and Lead

Meet the world's most prolific thought leaders and activists. Network with more than 400 people who have been on the forefront of change. 

Listen to more than 15 world class thought leaders , gain actionable insights and strategies to help lead your organization and work places to a better culture. Walk away with the confidence that you are able to overcome bias in your work environment 




These delegates represent more than a 100 companies nationwide



Decision makers

Meet the decision makers who can influence change. Most delegates at this summit are Directors, VPs, Owners, Founders and CEOs



Social Impressions

Attendees take to social media to highlight learnings and content


What will the gender summit achieve?

This summit creates dialogue between all stakeholders to accelerate the process of removing gender bias in Science and Technology vocations.
The dialogue between the scientists, researchers, practitioners and victims of gender bias has the following objectives

  •   Develop gender bias eradication communities globally to bring about change
  •   Create dialogue around the social and behavior science leading to actions preventing gender based harassment and violence       
  •    Showcasing innovation in gender research
  •    Integration of gender aware actions in organizations globally
  •    Demonstrate the value of gender evolved organizations
  •    Celebrate successes in Gender Sustainability

The overreaching impact objective of this summit is to create dialogue and action around gender bias eradication.



October 2017

"The WiSTEM Conferences and Summits are a class apart. Not only is the quality world class but the discussions, networking and quality of participants - all makes it worth the time spent. If you want to meet someone exemplary, be here"

- Maya Shapiro (Has attended 2 Women in STEM Series)



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