Magdalena Yesil


Pioneering Silicon Valley investor Magdalena Yesil came to the United States in 1976 with two suitcases and $43, blind to the challenges she would face as a woman and immigrant in Silicon Valley. Today she is best known as the first investor and a founding board member of Salesforce, the now multibillion-dollar company that ushered in the era of cloud-based computing.

In her book -  Power Up: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy, Yesil urges women to look beyond the alarming gender statistics of the workplace and feel confident entering tech or any field - but also prepared to deal with the challenges.

Magdalena Yeshil is the recipient of the 2017 Fearless Leader award granted by WomenOnBoards2020 and HowWomenLead. She is a founder of Broadway Angels and the founding board member and first investor of Salesforce. Magdalena served on the board of Salesforce from inception to post IPO. She is also on her fourth startup, DriveInformed, which is dedicated to bringing technology to the auto finance industry. Magdalena has been active in Silicon Valley for three decades. Magdalena was a pioneer in the commercialization of the Internet in its early days, helping it move out of the government and university domains and in establishing the infrastructure for e-commerce and financial transaction platforms. When her plan to purchase Internet access providers from universities would not get funded by venture capitalists, she joined UUnet (IPO), the first commercial Internet access provider. Magdalena was chosen Entrepreneur of the Year by Red Herring magazine. She started her career as a semiconductor design engineer at Advanced Micro Devices.